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“Regular appointments with Bruce are the best care I give myself...”

Massage sessions with Bruce Schaefer are the highlight of my week or month. He's been able to alleviate sudden-onset pains, as well as help me make progress with ongoing issues. He hits the perfect balance between working on things that need work and just helping me feel better. Bruce connects each session to the others, and it's clear that between times he's been thinking about solutions for my particular problems. He's a great listener--he really hears what I'm trying to say about my muscles even when it's hard to put into words. Regular appointments with Bruce are the best care I give myself--he's right up there with food, water, and oxygen!
Gina Psaki

“I'm so grateful that I took a friend's advice and started seeing Bruce...”

I'm so grateful that I took a friend's advice and started seeing Bruce as my regular massage therapist. In the two years since I started seeing Bruce on a monthly basis my previously frequent ocular migraines have completely gone. I have a computer desk job and, as a result, my neck and shoulder muscles often get themselves into a bit of a funk. Bruce has tried a number of techniques to find the right combination that works best for me. He has really made my life more comfortable and enjoyable.
Heather Pickett

“...reduced my pain and improved my mobility and flexibility.”

Im an older athletic woman with back issues. Ive tried several MTs in Eugene, looking for someone who has a clinical understanding of and feel for what happens as we age and want to stay active, and how massage can assist that process. Bruce is the guy. He is exceptionally skilled at applying and continuing to learn how to lessen the effects of aging and/or injury for active people. He is able to focus and be responsive to my specific issues and has reduced my pain and improved my mobility and flexibility. Bruce is instrumental in allowing me to continue to enjoy and even improve at activities and sports such as cycling, hiking, and paddle boarding.
Pat O.

“...I walk out feeling relaxed, pain-free, and very calm.”

I get a lot out of my massage visits to Bruce. He is very knowledgeable--and always updating his knowledge base through more research. He listens very well. He provides wonderful relief from discomfort. He suggests stretches and other ways to alleviate problem issues. He is conscientious and caring. He is friendly and well-suited to his work. In short, after an hour with Bruce, I walk out feeling relaxed, pain-free, and very calm.
Anne B.

“I am refreshed and encouraged after each session.”

I have been going to Bruce for the past year for a series of different treatments ranging from my hip to my ankle. As an older runner I find that my body is not as flexible nor my muscles as pliable. Bruce has done a good job of keeping me on the road. He is careful to explain what he thinks needs to be addressed and works hard to determine what future course of action needs to be taken. I am refreshed and encouraged after each session.
Daryl Egbert

“Bruce has a true desire to help me feel better.”

Pain is something I experience every day. The tolerance level may change, but nevertheless, I have pain. Massage therapy "loosens me up" so I can have happy days. The first time I saw Bruce I told him I was only "trying him out" to see if I was interested in using him as my alternate massage therapist. After all, each person has their own approach and techniques. Bruce demonstrates a professional demeanor, yet is easy to like. He is easy to talk with and I know he listens well because I'll find him working more intently on my difficult areas that I had just discussed with him. Bruce has a true desire to help me feel better...
Debi Schiedler

“...an exceptional massage therapist.”

Bruce is an exceptional massage therapist. He is very knowledgeable, professional and consistent. He does a fantastic deep massage that has loosened up knots in my shoulders that Im sure have been there for more than 20 years!
Tina Kerrigan